At Culture workshops we do a cultural exchange and talk about our habits

At women talk workshops we talk about the past, present and future

At Living Together workshops we talk the social cohesion together


Strengthening intercultural networks and ties to open the door to equal opportunity and coexistence. We aim to support socio-economic and cultural integration of disadvantaged groups.


With the core aim of inclusion and participation we have set up workshops, training, volunteer work, social activities. Further using first hand field news / reports to support working together, rights advocacy and projects which are loyal to the principle of sustainability.


Birlikte Hayat does not see itself as a savior, so the most important principle is the active participation. Participants in these projects take an active role and are encouraged to express their opinions in order to insure the sustainability of activities.

Birlikte Hayat is against all kinds of racist, sexist, zenophobic, hate speech and advocates human rights against it.

Birlikte Hayat believes in the freedom of democracy and acts accordingly.

Birlikte Hayat believes in the rule of law and acts accordingly.

What We Do

Unifying and Awareness-Raising Workshops

Living Together Workshop

Every week, we come together to talk about different topics on friendship, harmony, communication culture. As many different languages are spoken, we try to communicate face to face with the help of technology.
Every Saturday at 14:00

Culture Workshop

We can read books, write texts. Everyone can introduce a poet or a singer from his/her own country. The language of the meeting is determined according to the group of people who are present in the room. Open to everyone. Come and let us meet!
Every Saturday at 17:00

Women Talk Workshop

This workshop is open only to women and aims to answer questions and ask new questions together. This workshop will have an interpreter.
Every week at 15:00 on Sunday.

Executive Board

Birlikte Hayat (Living Together) was founded in January 2018 by seven alike women whose creativity and strength come from this diversity, and desire to work for civil society.

Zümrüt Zlabinger Founder & Chairwoman
Bilgi Ekinci Board Member
Sırma Duman Board Member
Suleyla Polat Board Member
Şeyma Şahin Board Member
Yeşim Tin Board Member
Head Office
Mesudiye Mahallesi 112.Cadde No:49/21 Akdeniz/Mersin
0090 0542 603 96 30
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